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Spreading the good news is more than our duty. It is a gift we get to share as we work to reach those who are searching for a sense of purpose, protection, peace and provision. We’ve been blessed to see God work in the hearts and minds of those we’ve been so blessed to touch, and it is our privilege to serve; to meet needs spoken and unspoken, and to be a light in the midst real and perceived darkness.

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Is there something stirring in your spirit? Is the burden you’re carrying getting a little bit too heavy to bear alone? Perhaps you’re moved to stand in the gap for someone you love. 

Whatever you need, the Lord has the answer. He’s just waiting to hear from you. Come as you are as we recharge, restore and rest in Christ through corporate prayer and worship.


If you’re facing economic hardship or struggling with food insecurity, take heart. We’re here for you. 

The Morning Star Prayer Center provides a variety of home goods, basic furnishings, small and major appliances. This includes outdoor essentials and occasional decor items. These materials are provided free of charge on a first come, first serve basis, until inventory is exhausted to support individuals and families who are in the midst of transition. 

​Our goal is to lighten the load and help you create a loving space where you and your family can create new memories without the financial burdens often associated with new beginnings.

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If you've found the courage to leave a violent relationship, picking up the pieces after an unexpected, devastating loss or natural disaster, allow our team to address your physical and spiritual needs.


Our team partners with local, national and international organizations to meet God's people wherever they might have need, for His glory and for the good of His kingdom. This includes academic, seasonal and holiday programs.

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Our Ministries: What We Do
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We recognize that serving God’s people in a human frame means spiritual leaders are no less susceptible to the misgivings and challenges this world can hurl your way. At Morning Star Prayer Center, we don’t posture and pretend like we’ve got it all together - and neither should the ministers and clergy who serve our community. 

You see we’ve got two things in common: our shared human frailty and an intentional desire to live a life worthy of the calling of Jesus Christ. That’s why we’re here to restore and serve repentant ministers who are ready to rededicate themselves to a life of biblical service to others.


Through our education, training and speaking engagements, we hope to share Christ’s love so you can live life more fully, victoriously and abundantly.

From prayer methods, to minister restoration services to crisis response and more, our team can help your organization make a meaningful, lasting contribution to God’s kingdom through service to others.

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Our Ministries: What We Do
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