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The prayer house built by faith

Morning Star Prayer Center’s story began in 2008 after our founder, Helen Collins Epps obediently responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Mother Epps sought to provide a space where all God’s children could convene in exuberant worship and service to God the Father and one another – and she wanted that space to feel warm and loving, just like home.

By virtue of Mother Epps’ faith, and with the help of believers from across the United States, the Prayer Center was established as an anchor in south Fort Worth and a debt-free community cornerstone where those who were searching for a sense of purpose, protection, peace and provision could show up wholly and fully without fear of judgment or rejection.

Since opening our doors, we’ve served those rich in provision and those rich in spirit; we’ve stood in the gap to support seasons of transition and hardship, and we’ve celebrated God’s grace and mercy through the ugliest and most beautiful of life’s moments.

We’ve been blessed to see God work in the hearts and minds of those we’ve been so blessed to touch, and it is our  privilege to serve; to meet needs spoken and unspoken, and to be a light in the midst of both real and perceived darkness.

At Morning Star Prayer Center, we’re just regular folks who believe in the power of bold prayer. We’re doers and connectors who will meet you where you are, because we’ve been there before. So join us on our journey as we serve as the Lord’s hands and feet here on earth. Allow us to show you his love so you can live life more fully, victoriously and abundantly, no matter what the world throws your way.

Our Story: About Us
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