People from various churches, backgrounds and ethnicities gather at the Morning Star Prayer Center faithfully every week seeking a deeper and personal relationship with Christ through prayer. The glorious Word of God is taught to equip believers that the power of God is available to work in their personal and spiritual lives. 

The vision of a prayer center seemed all but a dream but it was brought into existence through much prayer and due diligence by Helen Collins Epps.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Helen Collins Epps was given a vision of a building and the words "Prayer Center" was revealed to her. For months she kept praying & dreaming and heard the words "Prayer Center". She then began to share this vision with her loving husband, Brother Robert L. Epps. Shortly after this revelation, they began to look for a building.   A building where many could pray, praise, and experience a new sense of hope & healing within the community.   Note there was no budget, no plan, just a mustard seed of FAITH to believe that the Lord was calling her to open a Prayer Center. Brother Epps, after praying with her, said "I will follow you as you follow the Lord". His loving support, encouragement, and prayers helped push her into another place where God could use her intercessory gifts to help others through prayer and truly impact their spiritual lives. 


The power of prayer can manifest some amazing things and circumstances can arrive that are life changing and can impact others for many years to come.  In March 2008, the Lord answered many faithful prayers and gave us a building on the corner of Mecca and Wichita Street. To date, the Prayer Center is paid in full.  God has opened the hearts of so many to volunteer services and donate items needed for this divine house of prayer.  Many seeds have been planted in this House.  All the equipment inside has been donated by those who have a strong desire to plant and grow a seed into this Prayer Center. God has also blessed this House to receive a true gift from one special angel who donated a great financial blessing to complete all the necessary repairs to get this Prayer House ready.  Today the Morning Star Prayer Center is a vital part of the community and has helped many on their spirit-filled journey seeking HIS peace, voice and mere presence in their lives.  We thank you for all of the love, prayers and donations of time, financial resources, and talents for this special place HE has given us.  We are excited to share this journey of hope, prayer, and praise with you.  We are an Apostolic House of Prayer. We treasure every moment we get to join together and lift our souls and draw close to God in fellowship, prayer and praise!  Through Faith & Prayer, let us see the invisible, do the impossible and believe the unbelievable!  "Believe What You Pray!"


Welcome to the Morning Star Prayer Center! 









Yours in Christ,


Elder Helen Collins Epps &  

Bro. Robert L. Epps, Sr.